STATOMAT SPECIAL MACHINES was founded in 1956 in Germany with the aim of manufacturing special machines for the production of stators and electric motors.

The company came to Brazil in 1975, still with foreign capital, with the objective of representing the German company in the Brazilian and Latin American markets, providing technical assistance and supplying spare parts. In 1993, the company became a 100% national and independent company. However, it still works in partnership with the German company ELMOTEC-STATOMAT to serve the global market.

 With a wide range of products for electric motors, alternators and generators, STATOMAT BRASIL presents various solutions for the motor market, manufacturing and assembling everything from individual parts, components, machines to complete automatic lines. With flexibility in meeting customer needs.

 Currently, the know-how acquired through investment in team training and experience in high technology products has allowed Statomat to expand its activities, entering the industrial automation market. An area lacking in quality, seriousness, solidity, and complete structure suppliers, as offered by Statomat. We are a supplier, a solution for a need.




STATOMAT BRASIL has more than 3400m² of built area. It has its own warehouse structure and stock of raw materials and components. Painting, sandblasting, polishing, and finishing treatments are all carried out within the company. For special services, over-size, and welding, we have qualified and controlled suppliers.

All administrative sectors are internal, such as accounting, with continuous auditing, and departments for purchasing, sales, HR, and IT.

Production is supported by PCP and Quality Control. Among the main production methods, we can mention wire erosion, profile and flat grinders, CNC milling machines, and boring machines.

Our development area has our own engineers. Mechanical and electro-electronic engineering, software engineers, and precision assembly. All here, with highly skilled and experienced collaborators.

NOTHING is OUTSOURCED. HERE, THE KNOW-HOW is maintained, a unique guarantee for the useful life, maintenance, technical assistance, and operation of the solutions provided to the market.


Statomat was born from the manufacturing of special machines for the production of stator cores for electric motors. We produce dedicated machines and complete solutions with the highest technology, including:

  • Manufacturing of stator core packages with loose laminations, clamps, welding, or riveting
  • Slot insulation machines for stator core packages and rotors
  • Copper and aluminum wire winders
  • Wire and insulation inserters in stator core slots
  • Coil head, intermediate, and final forming presses
  • Coil head tying machines
  • We also act as representatives for laminating stamping tools, Nachi robots, and Flexlink conveyors.

We offer a complete line of products tailored to the needs of our customers, from manual machines to automated production lines. In addition, we provide technical assistance and replacement parts."